Freshman Who Fights

Alberto Nunez, a freshman at Piedmont University, plays his heart out no matter the opponent he faces. Piedmont University plays Berry University on Tuesday March 15th, 2022 with Alberto battling his heart out at the number one singles position V.S Berry.

Tennis needs a Team

Chris Bale, senior, (left) and Patrick Dempsey, senior, (right) dominate at home against Berry University on March 15th, 2022. Piedmont University Men’s Tennis took a massive win against Berry University thanks to the athletic talent of the players pictured and the rest of their win-thirsty team.

Men’s Doubles Calls the Shots

Houston Medlock (front) and Alberto Nunez (back) lead Piedmont Men’s Tennis at the number one doubles position with their communication and drive against Berry University on March 15th, 2022. A tough fight with a score of 8 games to 5 inspires the team to leave it all on the court.

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