Sports Photography – Georgia Revolution vs Terminus FC

Collision on the field

Guillermo Munguia collides with Terminus player in an attempt to steal the ball. The game was tied up with the scoreline level in the last few minutes of the match.

Fight for the ball

Jonni Turner fights against his opponent to get to the ball first. Behind them both, Ian Aramburu runs to assist his teammate.

Time To Relax

Two team members from Terminus take a breath and wait to get organized before making a move. Their defense has been fairly strong during this time in the game and they were difficult opponents for The Revs.

A Hair Too Short
Cameron St. Prix Mitchell sends the ball rocketing over Terminus’s keeper to make the first goal of the game. The ball was just out of the keepers reach, and he could have probably stopped it if he were closer to it.
Winning Save

Keeper Cameron Verona made the winning save for The Georgia Revolution. The Revs and Terminus FC finished the semi-finals in a tie so they went to penalty kicks to decide the winner. The Revs are headed to the finals while Terminus is dealing with the crushing loss.

The Winning Team

The men on Georgia Revolution shout with joy as they realize they are going to the finals. The game was hard fought, and they are playing against Sting FC in the finals on March 27th.

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