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Sports Information Directors: One Title, Many Jobs

Danielle Percival, Assistant Athletic Director of Communications at Piedmont College, is responsible for all communications that surround Piedmont Athletics. Working alongside her are Assistant Directors of Athletic Communications, Chuck Tidmore and Joseph Garwood.  One of the main parts of their jobs is home event management. This photo story encompasses all the moving parts of a home men’s basketball game. The Lions defeated the visiting Oglethorpe Stormy Petrels, 74-58 on Dec. 3, 2019.

Percival (back center), Tidmore (left) and Garwood (front center) make sure everything at the scorer’s table is good to go prior to tipoff. PHOTO / Nate Roys
Percival, Tidmore and Garwood do a variety of things on game day. As fans entered Cave Arena, they were provided with game notes and team posters. PHOTO / Nate Roys
Tidmore (left) and Garwood work in tandem to input the live stats for the game. Tidmore calls out the action on the floor and Garwood inputs the information into Stat Crew, which uploads to as the game goes on. PHOTO / Nate Roys
Junior sports communications major Davis Barlow (center) and Assistant Men’s Lacrosse Coach Ryan McKay (center) call the play-by-play for the Mane Event Broadcasting Network. Percival and her staff operate the school’s streaming service using various student workers and faculty. PHOTO / Nate Roys
This the backend of the Piedmont Athletics’ streaming service, the Mane Event Broadcasting Network. The site allows anyone to freely stream home Piedmont athletic events, and is something Percival and her staff put great emphasis on. PHOTO / Nate Roys
postgame interview
Following the win, Barlow interviews the Lions’ star of the night while Percival films. Foote (far right) scored a career-high 24 points in the home victory. PHOTO / Nate Roys
final SM
Wrapping up the night, Garwood makes the final score graphic for the Piedmont Lions’ social media. Piedmont defeated Oglethorpe, 74-58, to move to 5-1 on the season. PHOTO / Nate Roys

Photo Story: Hannah Tussey and Seizures

Morning Medication


Junior theatre education major Hannah Tussey reaches for a bottle of her morning medication for her adult seizures. Tussey suffered a seizure this past summer and spent four days in the hospital and is now on permanent twice-daily medication.


If He Fits He SitsIMG_3389

Hannah Tussey’s ESA Oreo perches on her shoulder. Tussey was approved for an ESA a month ago and since Oreo has been a part of her family Tussey considers him to be the biggest help in her journey.


Playing with PawsIMG_3469

Hannah Tussey plays with her ESA Oreo in her dorm after a long day. Oreo has been a huge relief and constant companion for Tussey in her daily life.


Decreasing the DosageIMG_3518

Hannah Tussey has had several changes in her medication dosages over the past six months since being diagnosed with seizures. Tussey’s neurologist is based out of Georgia, far from her home in Ohio and her medication dosage was inaccurate until she began seeing her neurologist in August.


No Naps in New BedfordIMG_3591

Junior Hannah Tussey faces many sleepless nights since having her seizure, partly because of her medication but also out of fear that she may have an episode during sleep and not be able to call for help. Her Emotional Support Animal Oreo helps calm her nerves and has been a valuable aid for Tussey.


The Hopeful Designer


Hannah Tussey works on her final project for her scene design class, a class she thoroughly enjoys. Tussey is limited in the activities she can enjoy since being put on her seizure medication and must remain alert at all times. She cannot drink alcohol because it conflicts with her medication and cannot swim or take baths for fear of having a seizure and drowning.


Steps to SuccessIMG_3688

Hannah Tussey helps senior theatre major Hunter Blackburn with his tap routine for his tap class final. Tussey considers being in theatre to be a grounding activity in her life that helps her feel like her most normal self.


Unpredictable FutureIMG_3748

Hannah Tussey preps in the dressing room with her medications close by. During her Cabaret performance, Tussey had to wear her FitBit that checked her vitals and reminded her to take her medication right up until she hit the stage.

Leaving College Baseball: Poor Treatment, Unfair Decisions, and the Road Ahead

Addison Mock is a driven, hard-working and very good baseball player who knows what he wants. Facing poor treatment by a coaching staff who has their priorities in the wrong order, he looks toward the future and faces a crossroads on whether or not to leave Piedmont College’s baseball team or depart for a new challenge: The Pros.
Addison Mock walking out of his dorm room and headed to his car for baseball practice. He wonders how many more he will attend considering how poorly he is being treated by the coaching staff.
Addison taking a nap and time to think about how to approach the situation. He is fast asleep, and hopes that sleeping will clear his mind and help him determine what to do.
Needing other opinions, Addison calls to his dad on the phone to discuss leaving the baseball team or remaining in a bad situation. His father has been with him since the beginning of his career and is his closest and most cherished advisor.
Having finally reached a decision, Addison presents his text message proudly to his roommates. Having the burden of negativity lifted off his shoulders, he remains filled only with happiness and positivity.
Still pursuing his dream to play in the pros, there are no days off for Addison as he heads into the gym. A baseball player needs to be explosive and powerful, especially professionals, and that is exactly what he will gain from today.
Tossing around heavy weights on leg day, Addison pulls up an easy 455lbs on deadlift. At around 230lbs, his power knows no bounds and he will surely prevail in his goals.
Making even further progress, Addison signed up for an independent league tryout for baseball to further his career as a professional. With his positivity, explosive power, and wisdom of an enlightened mind, he is sure to come away with a spot on the roster.

Thus Begins the Advent

The first of December marks the beginning of Advent, a season observed by many Christian denominations. Vineyard Community Church in Marietta, Georgia began their celebration of the coming of Jesus with traditions new and old. With their love for this season and the family within their church, VCC filled their graveyard-neighbored strip mall rental with enough Christmas decor to make the place feel like a home.

Renowned worship leader Mike O’Brien belts out an original song written just the night before to honor the coming of Christ and the season of Advent.
Words to a well-loved worship song at VCC appear behind one of the many decorated trees that adorn the sanctuary.
Two members of VCC’s Youth program light the first candle for Advent after reading a short scripture relating to the holy season. One candle will be lit each Sunday until Christmas when the church celebrates the coming of Christ, and the largest and final candle is lit.
After the first candle is lit, the church sits in a meditative quiet before beginning communion. 
Two trees sit along the front of the sanctuary reading “peace” and “joy.” 
After a fairly full Sunday service, only three communion cups remain.
No one is too young to participate, a group of children listens to instructions from children’s minister Gisel Wilson to prepare for their Christmas play.
The day ends with the youth program writing words of inspiration to get them through their last few weeks of school on their hand-painted wall chalkboard.