Reading Response 8

Chapter 4 of Kobre definitely had some of the funniest photos I’ve seen. I like the paragraph about taking a candid because I love being and taking them. It its such a rare moment that you can capture someones happiness, sadness, every emotion in a one shot and that is very special. I love the nature pictures on page 94 and 95. They all show an art of doing an everyday thing. On page 98 I like the paragraph about find a unique angle because angle is a huge part of photos and can make such an ordinary photo into an  extraordinary photo.

Chapter 5 about portraits is definitely one of my favorite chapters. I love taking portraits of people. “Let people be themselves” is a really great paragraph because in oder to get a good representation of the person into a photo they need to feel comfortable and be themselves. If they aren’t is it really a portrait? I also like the paragraphs about light because i am all about light when it comes to photos. If theres good lighting there can be a god picture. reading about group portraits was in treating to me because I’ve never really heard of someone doing this nor did i know it was possible, so it was cool to see an example of this. All in all, best chapter ever!!

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