Nature Photos

Sparkles, the front porch kitty for the Keaton household in Fayetteville, GA watches her owner kill spiders that have invaded her living space. Animals. PHOTO/MATTIE KEATON 
Sunflowers take in the last bit of sunlight before it begins to rain in Helen, GA. Contrast/ Rule of Thirds. PHOTO/MATTIE KEATON
Otis jumps out of the tub after cooling down while his owners lay out by the pool in Fayetteville, GA during the summer of 2017. Motion. PHOTO/ MATTIE KEATON
Wildfires tear through forests in North Georgia during late November in 2016. Wide and Depth. PHOTO/MATTIE KEATON 
Architecture in Atlanta, GA allows for beautiful  mirrored photography of neighboring buildings. Mirror. PHOTO/MATTIE KEATON 
I also added this because I love this photo of a caterpillar trying to make its way back into the grass and off of our driveway at our home in Fayetteville, GA. Animals. PHOTO/MATTIE KEATON

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